Our Story

Crawford & Associates, Inc. (Crawford) was founded August 14, 2012 by Benjamin Crawford. What started as a one-person firm in a small 300 sq. ft. office in Midtown Sacramento has grown into a 30 person, 5 office firm. Ben’s vision for the company was to provide creative solutions and responsive service to clients and to provide growth opportunities for employees. In 2016, Crawford acquired Taber Consultants, one of the nation’s oldest Geotechnical Engineering companies.The principals of both firms bring significant Geotechnical Engineering experience on a wide variety of projects throughout Northern California. Crawford has experience working with various oversight agencies including FEMA, FHWA, Cal OES, Counties, Cities, Caltrans, Building Departments, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, DWR, USACE, DSA, UPRR, CA Fish and Wildlife, Water and Irrigation Districts, Utilities and Environmental Health Departments.

Our Leadership Team


Sacramento Office Ben is the Founder and President of Crawford & Associates, Inc. He is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a concentration both in Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology. He has managed complex projects throughout Northern California, including water/wastewater, tank, and pump stations projects. Ben has over 19 years of experience providing geotechnical recommendations for roadways, bridges, schools, residential and commercial structures, water and communication towers, retaining walls, pipelines, and airports.

In Ben’s spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, fishing, camping, and traveling with his wife and two children.

Board Member

Rocklin Office Rick has practiced geologic and geotechnical engineering at various professional levels for over 40 years with experience in California, Nevada and Guam. He has extensive experience directing, coordinating, supervising and reviewing efforts of project managers and project engineers/geologists for dams, levees, bridge foundation investigations, major highway/interchange projects, buildings, retaining walls, landslides, water tanks, pipelines, fault studies and timber harvest plans. Rick has served as project director and engineering geologist for well over 100 bridge foundation investigations involving the State Highway System and County roads throughout California.

Rick enjoys skiing the deep powder (at least in his dreams) and can still run a 10k (ok, 5k), and spends his spare time talking to his farm animals and fruit trees.


Sacramento Office Eric Nichols has participated in geological and foundation engineering studies for over 31 years. He is a graduate of the University of Nevada at Reno with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering. Eric has a diversity of experience in project terrain, geographical location and project complexity, and participated at various professional levels with increasing responsibility for numerous transportation related facilities and structures. Eric has been Project Manager for projects throughout California, including bridges, buildings, storm damage and slide repair, roadway improvements, parks, hydraulic projects, levees, and pile observation projects.

Eric enjoys reading non-fiction history, camping, taking long walks with Erika (his wife), and family vacations with his wife and daughter.

Senior Engineer

Modesto Office David is a registered Professional Civil Engineer with over 13 years of experience performing field explorations utilizing ASTM D 2488 on Levee and Transportation projects and an additional four years of experience in Civil Design. David is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He has managed and prepared boring logs for complex subsurface exploration programs in Northern California. David’s experience with levee and corridor projects allows him to deal with changing subsurface soil and groundwater conditions in the field.

When spending time at home David likes to relax with the family by watching a good cooking show, completing yard projects, toying with computer upgrades or playing a fun game with the kids.

Marketing Coordinator

Sacramento Office Sarah is the co-founder of Crawford & Associates and serves as its Secretary.  She is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Architecture. In 2008, Sarah left the field of Architecture to focus on raising her family.  In 2012, when Ben decided to start Crawford & Associates, she joined the firm as its first associate and became the drafter, proposal creator, and supply-orderer. As the firm grew, Sarah grew into the role of Marketing Coordinator. She still occasionally drafts up figures and LOTBs in AutoCAD.

In her spare time, Sarah likes to spend time with her family, read, travel, bake, and create fun things in Photoshop.

Senior Engineer

Sacramento Office Shawn is a graduate of the University of the Pacific and holds both a Bachelor and Master’s degree, with a concentration in geotechnical and environmental engineering. He has experience planning, coordinating and managing geotechnical field explorations. Shawn has served as project engineer and has provided geotechnical recommendations for bridge investigations, road/pavement reconstruction, pipelines, and water/wastewater treatment structures.

In Shawn’s spare time, he enjoys practicing Ju Jitsu, reading, working out, and spending time with his wife and two sons.


Sacramento Office Tracy started with Crawford in 2016 as Crawford’s first Controller.  She is a graduate of Sacramento State with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  She has worked as a Controller for over 30 years and is proficient in managing all the finance and accounting functions of the company.

In her spare time, Tracy likes to spend time with her family, especially her granddaughter, travel, follow sports and politics and work-out at the gym.


Sacramento Office New to our leadership team for 2021 – Ellen, Reynicole, and Keiko.

Ellen is a graduate of the University of the Pacific and joined Crawford in 2017.

Reynicole has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Geology from the University of Leeds and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. She joined Crawford in 2018.

Keiko has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Geotechnical Engineering and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management from University of the Pacific. She joined Crawford in 2015.

Senior Engineer

Sacramento Office Johnathan is a graduate from University of California, Los Angeles, with a concentration in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering.  He has experience working as geotechnical engineer in both the private and public sector.  John has served as senior engineer and has experience in design, construction observation, and risk assessments for various types of projects including bridges, levees, buildings, storm damage and slide repair, roadway improvements, and parks.

Johnathan enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and two kids, working on endless home projects, and tinkering with (and breaking) his car.

Senior Project Manager

Sacramento Office Chris has more than 33 years of experience with geotechnical engineering analysis, design, and construction of large and complex geotechnical projects, including transportation, public works, flood control, hydropower, airports, essential facilities, military, correctional, power, industrial, ports, and private. His technical experience includes field exploration and testing in soil and rock environments, laboratory testing, seepage and slope stability analyses, seismic analysis, liquefaction mitigation, geologic hazards, shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, underground structures and utilities, soil and rock anchors, shoring, mitigation of expansive soils, rigid and flexible pavement design, and implementation of geosynthetics.

Chris enjoys spending time and travelling with his beautiful wife Sonia as well as waterskiing, woodworking, riding his dirt bike, and tinkering on his 66 GTO.