Geotechnical Engineering

Construction Observation • Desktop Studies and Geotechnical Due Diligence • Expert Witness Services • Foundation Engineering and Design Recommendations
• Geohazard Identification, Assessment, and Mitigation • Geotechnical Investigation • Geotechnical Risk Analysis • Ground Improvement Investigation and Design
• Laboratory Testing • Levee and Dam Design • Liquefaction Analysis and Remedial Design • Materials Testing and Observation • Pavement Analysis, Rehabilitation, and Design • Retaining Wall Assessment and Design • Seismic Assessments • Settlement Analysis • Slope Stability Analysis, Repair Design, and Monitoring • Soil Stabilization • Storm Damage Assessments

Engineering Geology

Aggregate Resource Assessment • Characterization of Subsurface Conditions using Geophysical Surveys • Delineation, Mitigation and Repair of Landslides
• Drainage Issues • Earthquake Fault Studies • Geologic Analysis and Reports for Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement • Geologic Exploration • Geologic Hazards • Geologic Mapping • Geologic/Geomorphological Mapping • Landslide Modeling, Analysis, and Assessment • Mine Suitability
• Rock Rippability • Rock Slope Stability Assessment, Analysis, and Mitigation

Inspection and Materials Testing

Aggregate and Soil Testing • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing • Grading Testing and Observation • Special Inspection



Environmental Assessments

Aerially Deposited Lead (ADL) Assessment •  CEQA Initial Studies • Environmental Site Assessments – Phase I and Phase II
• Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling • HAZMAT Assessments • Groundwater, Soil, and Soil Gas Characterization • Underground Storage Tank Assessment

Permit Processing

Army Corps Section 404 Permits • California Department of Fish and Wildlife 1600 Agreements • Land Use Permits • Major and Minor Subdivisions • Surface Mining Permits • SWRCB Industrial and Construction Stormwater Permits and 401 Certifications • Variances

Plan Preparation

Erosion Control Plans • Hazardous Materials Business Plans • Mitigation and Monitoring Plans • Revegetation Plans • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
• Surface Mine Reclamation Plans (SMARA)

Lab Testing and Equipment

UC Machine • Splitter • Automatic Soil Compactor and Hand Rammer • Extruder • Sieve Shaker • +200 Wash Collar • Point Loader • Compression Testing Machine
• PI Plates and Casagrandes • Computers, phones, printers


AutoCAD Civil 3D • SEEP/W (Groundwater Flow Analysis) • SLOPE/W (Slope Stability Analysis) • LPile and APile • SHAFT (Evaluate Axial Capacity) • Settle 3D (Soil Settlement Analysis) • Slide (Slope Stability Analysis) • TZPILE • GROUP • Microsoft Office Suite