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City of Jackson WWTP Improvements
Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering Services

Jackson, Amador County, CA

CAInc provided construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering services for the following structures:

  • UV Disinfection Facility
  • Disc Filter Facility
  • MCC Building
  • Electrical Building
  • Generator
  • Miscellaneous Earthwork/Paving/Flatwork

To support construction activities, CAInc:

  • Attended a pre-construction meeting,
  • Provided geotechnical design consultation as required during construction,
  • Performed geotechnical/geological construction observation and testing,
  • Performed concrete field testing and sampling, and laboratory testing,
  • Prepared daily field reports, and
  • Prepared and delivered a compaction report complete with daily field reports.

Rabbit Creek Culvert Repair Project

Amador County, CA

For this project, Amador County proposed improvements to an existing culvert located between Lake Camanche and Rabbit Creek below Camanche Parkway.

For Phase I of the project, CAInc prepared a Geotechnical memo to provide a description of the subsurface conditions and geotechnical considerations for design and construction. CAInc drilled, logged, and sampled areas within the existing embankment and used the results to provide a summary of the soil, rock, and groundwater conditions. Geotechnical design considerations were then provided for performing trenchless culvert pipe installation methods.

For Phase II of the project, CAInc prepared a proposal to provide soil compaction testing during construction of the project. The proposal included laboratory testing, aggregate base compaction testing, asphalt concrete observation and testing, culvert trench backfill compaction testing, and dam backfill compaction testing. Our field technicians prepared daily field reports with a description of the daily events and test results.

Cochrane Bridge Monitoring

Dunne Avenue at Anderson Reservoir (Bridge No. 37C-166)
Santa Clara County, CA

In 1972, the Alquist-Priolo Geologic Hazard Zone Act established special study zones to encompass all active traces of major faults which constitute hazard to structures. In 1984, the Cochrane Bridge was constructed and designed to accommodate limited acceptable ground movement and seismic forces without damage. Taber Consultants established a monitoring system at the time of the bridge construction. CAInc acquired Taber Consultants in 2016 and is continuing annual monitoring through 2022.

The displacement of the bridge and slopes adjacent to the bridge have been monitored periodically since construction to evaluate the condition and performance of the bridge. This monitoring includes instrumentation / gauges installed near both abutments and on the bridge. These instruments include:

  • Inclinometers at both abutments to monitor depth, direction, rate and magnitude of slope movement
  • Tiltmeter installed at base of slope adjacent to the northern abutment to monitor slope rotation
  • Extensometers installed at base of slope adjacent to the northern abutment to monitor for contraction and dilation (expansion) of slope
  • Bridge truss bearing “scribe scales” to measure horizontal displacement and rotation of truss relative to the abutments

Site observation monitoring includes the general bridge condition; roadway cracks at the bridge approaches; adjacent slope conditions; and reservoir levels.  Monitoring on a more frequent basis may be warranted if unusual conditions occur (e.g., fault or landslide movement, rapid increase/decrease in reservoir level, etc).  CAInc documents the results in Annual Monitoring Reports summarizing the results and interpretation of our data and observations.

City of Modesto Industrial Tank No. 13 and Pump Station

Modesto, Stanislaus County, CA

In 2010, Ben Crawford and David Castro, while working at Blackburn Consulting, completed a Geotechnical Report for the City of Modesto Industrial Tank and Pump Station. The report contained surface and subsurface condition descriptions, geotechnical design, and construction recommendations for the proposed 4-million-gallon concrete tank, 12-million-gallon per day pump station, CMU block structure, and 1-million-gallon retention basin.

Currently, Crawford & Associates, Inc (CAInc) is providing the required grading observation and compaction testing, and periodic concrete, masonry, steel, and welding special inspection.

CAInc is also performing laboratory testing on sampled materials, and preparing and providing a daily field reports with findings, a description of the daily events, test results, and providing Geotechnical consulting services during construction.

Stearns Road and D Street Improvements Materials Testing

Oakdale, Stanislaus County, CA

The City of Oakdale proposed improvements for Stearns Road and D Street. The project includes the construction of storm drainage, sewer, water, detention basin (including berms), and pavement sections.

Performed the following scope of services during construction: Roadway grading observation and compaction testing; utility trench and manhole backfill observation and compaction testing (Sewer, Storm, and Water); detention basin grading observation and compaction testing; aggregate base observation and compaction testing; asphalt concrete observation and compaction testing; concrete special inspection and sampling; and laboratory testing when required (Concrete, Soil, Aggregate Base, and Asphalt). Prepare daily field reports with a description of the daily events and test results.

Hartley Street and Walnut Avenue Compaction Testing & Ward Avenue and American Eagle Avenue Compaction Testing

Patterson, Stanislaus County, CA

Performed backfill compaction testing on native soil and aggregate base during the construction of two traffic signal modification projects in Patterson, California.

Sampled AB base material and native sub base material to perform maximum density curve tests. Performed compaction testing of the AB material and sub grade.  Provided daily field reports to the client.